Please help: Software Capability question

Can anyone here tell me if this fractal mapping software allows for me to import continent shapes or if I can “draw” them? I’m sorry for the dumb question, but I tried to ask the support email and haven’t received a response. I’m working on a project and need software that can accommodate this feature. Also, if I am working on a Mac desktop, will this software work? Thanks so much to anyone who will help answer this!


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    No, sorry, the software requires Windows.

    The only 'built in' way to work with existing continent shapes is to load a digital elevation file (.DEM) into Fractal World Explorer, and then export it as a Fractal Mapper map. But the resolution when doing that isn't usually that good unless you're only trying to map a small part of the world. The other alternative would be to place a blank map image of the part of the world you want to work with on the background of your map, and draw over it.

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