Wormhole/Stargate Routes

I'm interested in mapping wormhole/stargate routes where the max jump distance is say 5-10 LY and no loops exist, i.e., you could jump from A to B and A to C or A to B to C but no loop of A to B B to C and C to A. Also curious about whether data exists on the relative velocity of different systems.


  • I didn't see anything about relative velocity. You could add a custom field I suppose but you'd have to create the data yourself and it wouldn't be actively doing anything. (unless I missed something poking around the data)

    You indicated you were interested in a certain route geography but you didn't exactly come to a question in that part... was there supposed to be a question related to routes?

  • I would like to have a script to automate the process of making routes that bounce from system to system but with a max jump distance of 10 LY. But the script must not allow loops, so the topography is a tree structure.

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