Submaps and locked landmass shape


I've busily been building a world, terrain, biomes etc and would now like to create submaps of the continents for more detailed work. I have used the submap tool on one of my landmasses, exporting with all the layers I need.

So far so good, except: The submap landmass is slightly different in shape to the original, enough to make a difference.

So my question is two fold - is there a way (without using the freehand tool to trace the outlines on the entire planet) to lock down the shapes of the landmasses? And / or is there a way to ensure the submap is exactly like the area selected from the original?

I love this program and am constantly learning new ways of doing things, to the point where I recently scrapped everything but my landmass shapes and refilled the biomes with easier and less memory intesive techniques, but occasionally something like this will stump me. Any advice appreciated.


  • Ok I may have worked out my own solution, I'll show it here to let others know what I did, plus any other ideas would be welcome.

    I selected my landmass and cloned it to a polygon, this removed the nodes but kept the shape. I then removed the original landmass leaving just the new polygon which when submapped retained it's original shape.

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