Patch 1 for Vintyri Symbol Set 1

edited March 2010 in Maps and Symbols
Some users have reported that the town wall symbols from Vintyri Symbol Set 1 turn invisible on their maps when viewed at certain zoom levels. This seems to be a design problem in FM8 that affects relatively small symbols (in pixels). It duplicates in all of our experiments. The threshold seem to be at a height somewhere between 200 and 300 pixels. To solve this problem, we enlarged the symbols' frames to 300 pixels but left the content the same size, turning the inflated areas transparent. That seems to solve the problem. If you haven't downloaded Symbol Set 1 yet, the full download version contains the modified symbols. If you already have downloaded SS1, you can download a small 900 KB patch that will replace the problem symbols with the modified symbols. The patch is available in the Updates & Errata box under the Cartographic Collection on our website.

PLEASE NOTE: If you plan to work your way through our free 222-page raster mapping tutorial, which will be released in the next few days, you must install this patch. Parts of the tutorial exercises will not work correctly without it.

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