constellation Project.... Help?

I got from the Downloads on the file hip_astro_charts_500ly.csv
I want to make a Routes on it to draw the constellation like the zodiac and orion and what not but when I look for the drawings of the constellations they do not show the names of the stars that the lines connect. When I look for list of stars in a constellation it list all of the stars in that area of the sky so i do not know where to draw the lines. and finally when I find a shorter list and search for the stars named in AstroSynthesis it can not be found because it is more then the 500ly away or has a different name in the hip data used in this csv file.

Is there and Astronomers here that might be willing to take on this project and make a sector map for the community?

I was pulling from for a list of constellations There might be more I do not know I am just dabbling at astronomy and astrology for RPG background material

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