[WIP] Hemispheric FM8 Raster Map

edited March 2010 in Maps and Symbols

One kind of raster map I don't think I've seen here is a cartographic representation of an entire hemisphere. This is Build 318, a work-in-progress [WIP] map that's in an advanced draft stage. As you can see, there are no place names on it yet.

The map is the western hemisphere of the Jörð, which is the name of the world in the new Jörðgarð (TM) campaign setting that our project group is developing. If you want to know more about Jörðgarð, go to http://www.vintyri.com and pick the Jörðgarð option.

There still is a fair amount of work to do on this map. The end version will use FM8's multi-zoom-resolution feature, so that everything will appear without pixilation at any reasonable zoom level. In addition, text sizes will adjust to the zoom level. The location names also will have links that will open regional maps of the area clicked, and the regional maps will have similar links that will open city, town and village maps.

We also are designing all of our maps with use together with digital projectors and with Internet gaming with programs like Screen Monkey (TM) in mind.

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