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I can see that certain fields apply only to stars and to planets. Do I need to have ALL the fields when I am entering just a star or just a planet? Or can I add just those that pertain to the type? I'm working on a VB program that will automatically format an entry into something that I can just add into the database. Or atleast replace the body in the database.


  • You'll probably want to put in empty values to the fields you aren't using. If in doubt, look at an existing database and see whats stored for fields where they aren't needed. I think its just defaults (usually 0 or an empty string)

  • It is defaults (0) for most of them. I was just hoping I wouldn't have to write them ALL out.
    I've also noticed that when I am adding planets, the ID number continues from where the last number left off. I.e. 3699, 3700, etc. It then REFERENCES the main planet no matter where it is in the database. I wasn't sure how it worked until I tried it. So I can add planets to the systems without having to renumber everything.

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    The id column is a reference to the database row, so you don't have to worry about that. It doesn't define anything about the body. Its auto incrementing, so you can leave it out of your sql and the database will automatically assign an id to new rows. You would then query for the new id after an insert, so that you can reference it in other tables such as atm_components (atmosphere components).

    The id_string on the other hand should be a unique uuid.

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