Still Alive

Things are so quiet here on the NBOS forums, with so little activity any casual visitor might think these apps were all dead products.

So I'd just like to go on record as saying that The Keep is still my main campaign management tool. I've tried Obsidian Portal, Campaign Logger, OneNote, all of which were good in their own ways. I've tried World Anvil, and still use it as a way to present the world to my players.

But for actual GM preparation and planning, I keep coming back to The Keep. It has just the right level of complexity for me, does everything I need it to do and isn't bloated with features I don't need. The integrated dice roller is surprisingly handy as is the Inspiration Pad Pro integration (another massively underappreciated gem, IMHO)

The killer feature that beats OneNote for me is the tree view with nested levels. I can have an entry for a town, then have locations within the town as children, then even have additional notes at a level below that. Yet it's fairly easy to browse the whole tree to find what I need.

Seriously, I just want to say thank-you, Mr NBOS. In a time when flashy, web based online services are the trend, The Keep is a solid piece of software design that does the job I need it to do better than anything else I've tried.


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