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    Another Gen I hobbled together this morning. It randomly selects a Profession from the Rolemaster 2 / Spacemaster 2 / Cyberspace set of games by Iron Crown Enterprises. You can select your profession types (Arms, Semi-Spell Users, Pure Spell Users, Hybrid Spell Users, Arcane Spell Users, Alchemy Professions, Elementalist Professions, Oriental Professions, Space Master Professions or Cyberspace Professions) or just randomly draw from the whole list (n.b.: the Cyberspace professions aren't included in the Random table).

    Perfect for quickly assigning a RM2/SM2/Cyberspace profession to NPCs. I used it to quickly give a character's family members a profession.

    The Arms/Semi/Pure/Hybrid/Arcane professions are drawn from the core rules (ChL&CaL) as well as all seven Rolemaster Companions. Alchemy, Elemental & Oriental professions are taken from those respective companions. The SM2 professions include those from the two Space Master Companions. The Cyberspace professions include the variants available in the Death Valley Free Prison Campaign supplement.


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  • For the Kibblestasty person: This is the updated Alchemy Foraging one. I forgot something that I had planned to do.

    ; Kibblestasty Alchemy Foraging.ipt
    ; created 5/5/2021 12:26:23 PM

    Prompt: People Searching {} 1
    Prompt: Hours Searching {} 1
    Prompt: Average Alchemy Skill Tier {1|2|3|4|5|6} 1
    Prompt: Average Gathering Skill Tier {1|2|3|4|5|6} 1

    Table: Primary
    [@{{$prompt1}+{$prompt2}} Forage]

    Table: Forage
    [#{1d10+{{$prompt3}+{$prompt4}}d3} Foraging]

    Table: WhatKind
    Shuffle: WhatKind

    Table: Foraging
    Type: Lookup
    1-5: common, {2d3} [@WhatKind]\n common {2d2} [@WhatKind]\n
    6-10: common, {2d3} [@WhatKind]\n uncommon, {2d2} [@WhatKind]\n
    11-15: uncommon, {2d3} [@WhatKind]\n uncommon, {2d2} [@WhatKind]\n
    16-20: uncommon, {2d3} [@WhatKind]\n rare, {2d2} [@WhatKind]\n
    21-25: rare, {2d3} [@WhatKind]\n very rare, {2d2} [@WhatKind]\n
    26-30: very rare, {2d3} [@WhatKind]\n very rare, {2d2} [@WhatKind]\n
    31-35: very rare, {2d3} [@WhatKind]\n legendary, {2d2} [@WhatKind]\n
    36-40: legendary, {2d3} [@WhatKind]\n legenndary, {2d2} [@WhatKind]\n

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