PHP Web-based Viewer for astrodb files

I used to run a sci-fi game and used Astrosynthesis to create and organize the handful of systems for my gaming site. I'm working on a website back-end & and story updating and I plan on using the Astrodb files directly for the main list. I'm willing to release my "test viewer" if anyone is interested in it as well. So, is anyone interested in such a script?


Its brutally simple, but can be styled a bit with CSS. The page may change a bit as I work on this to make changes to my main site and codebase.


  • Very cool!

  • edited January 2020

    Its been quite an exercise, but at least its giving me the chance to clean up the code for my various php based space functions I have on my old site.

  • Minor Update

    Some of the computed information isn't showing up on the above link when viewing an object due to some restructuring of the physics calculation & comparison functions.

    I'm currently focusing my efforts on updating my site thus I'm using a separate page that utilizes the template & database engine my site runs to ensure the data will show up correctly on the live site. That link is: . This will allow me to simply replace the current code for that function of my site with this new bit of code.

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