Access violations

Has anyone else been getting this. Having generated some random systems which included gas giants and terrestrials in deep space I find that I cannot open the properties windows of these types of systems. If I attempt to I get an error of the form "Access violation at address 004C6D29 in module Astro3.exe. Read of address 0000003C." The program does not crash but this is annoying. I found a workround, change the body type from gas giant or terrestrial to a star and you can access the properties. (I wanted to change the bodies name) edit it then change the body back to what it was originally. I am using version 3.01e on a Windows 10 64 bit system.


  • Yep, it looks like it was something introduced in the last update when the temperature calcs were tweaked a bit.

    Just to clarify, this is only related to 'free planets' - planets that are not part of a star system.

    I'll see if I can post a fix this week.

  • Yes that is right it only appears to effect free terrestrials and gas giant. Also if you are doing a fix another minor error is in the search function for brown dwarfs which returns an error.

  • Here's an updated build. Replace your existing Astro3.exe with this one. Also takes care of the brown dwarf search problem in the query builder.

    NOTE: This executable is not signed. I'm in the process of renewing NBOS's signing cert so this is an unsigned executable. Its possible Windows or anti-malware will throw up a warning because of it when you first launch it.

  • Thanks Ed, that has fixed it. Windows 10 does try to block the unsigned version but you can get it to run easily enough.

  • I re-uploaded a new Astro executable that is signed with the NBOS code signing certificate. This should make Windows happier when you try to run it.

  • I think I saw that exception (I've been generating systems). I may try this - was running 3.01d, now 3.01e (have to see if I get it there, if so I will also try this f2 variation).

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