Difficulty with connecting on same network

I am running a game through the full version of Screenmonkey. One of my players is my roommate. However, since I am running the game, I can't very well let him run hotseat on my system, so he plays from his room on his computer.

I am running Windows Vista 64-bit, as is he. I also tested on my laptop with Windows 7 to replicate his issue, which did so appropriately. We are using Verizon FIOS with the supplied router from Verizon.

Now, he can connect to the room, and can post, move his token, and even roll dice, but does so extremely erratically. There will be times he has to attempt rolling dice twenty times just to roll once. Sometimes, just one roll comes through, other times several rolls at once, but never the number of rolls he actually attempted to make. Again, I replicated this by using my laptop and it seems to be an issue with systems sharing the same network as the host. When he is not on the network, everything works fine.

We are at a bit of a loss, and it's very frustrating for everyone when we have to wait for his rolls to come through.


  • Is he using the external IP address to connect? If so, try changing that to using your PC's local ip address (usually starts with 192.).
  • That seems to have done the trick. Thank you very much. :)

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