What Am I Doing Wrong

Hey there. I've tried every single thing I can think of to get my menu generator to work with prompts but I can't figure it out. I'd appreciate help.


  • First thing is that the line to define the prompt should just be "Prompt:" and not "Prompt1:". You can have multiple prompts, the selection from the first one is {Prompt1}, the selection from the second is {Prompt2}, etc up to 4, but they will all be defined with a Prompt: at the beginning. You don't need to number it there (and can't).

    Second thing is that your tables are not actually Type: Lookup. Delete that line from each table and they work. You would use Lookup if for example you rolled a die and then wanted to select the corresponding value. But here you just want a random entry from the table. It's not a lookup. Technically it's a weighted table where the weights are implied (as 1), but that's the default so you don't need to specify the type at all.

    See attached.

  • Thank you, jdale.

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