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Quick question I think might want to go in the general FAQ (though if the answer is different by software product, maybe in each FAQ that is program specific):

I've got AS3 and have finally got some time to sit down with it again. I see there are several program updates. What is not mentioned (or I missed it) is whether I need to apply the updates sequentially or if I can just apply the latest update to my original AS3... which is the advisable approach?

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  • What's the version that you have (help -> about in the menu)?

    You should be able to use the auto updater (help -> check for updates) to update to the most recent general purpose release. If you have a particularly old build of AS3, you may have to do it twice because the auto updater was changed at one point.

  • Ran the auto updater and it brought me up to 3.01e.

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