Generated stars out of bounds for my sector

Don't know if this is something anyone else has seen, but here's what I did:

a) New -> Sector with Generation (no subsectors generated) - Sector 20x20x20 cube
b) Edit Subsector -> Create 8 subsectors (size 10x10) located so as to fill the 20x20x20 cube
c) I filter and turn off all subsectors... and I see a bunch of stars that appear to be hanging out around the edge planes of my cubic sector... some appear clearly outside...
d) Look in the database using SQLite Browser and I find a bunch of objects whose coordinates (x,y,z) that are of type id 1 (star) which show coordinates in the positive or negative tens or hundreds (anything beyond 10 to -10 in any axis will fall outside the sector and subsectors

I'm thinking the best fix is to just carefully create an SQL delete statement that will run on bodies and delete anything with coordinates below -10 or above 10 in any of the three fields (x y z). That seems like it would kill these outliers.

Now, will the random generator generate DSOs? That could explain this. I would have thought the sector boundary coordinates would limit placement of anything other than a DSO beyond the limits of the sector.

I'll save a copy of the DB in it's current state in case anyone wants to take a look, then I'll try the delete on others.

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