Jörðgarð: Corona time out


People probably have noticed the lack of new maps of the week, etc. I'm afraid we have no choice but to put new Jörðgarð releases on the side track for awhile. We're a three-man team. Trevor Cooke is in the hospital with Corona, and I have no ability to contact him at present. Carl Nielsen returned recently from a business trip to Thailand and is locked out of his company for another nine days as part of the company's quarantine. The external drive that has all of his Jörðgarð material in in his office and out of access. But even after he gets back in the office, he'll have to devote his time to trying to put together the pieces of business that Corona has broken. Being a retiree, I'm in a theoretically better position, but I've volunteered to take over the Internet Corona coordination for local government here and for the church. I also am dedicating zero time at present to RPGing, cartography and the like. My guess is that it will be at last April 20 before the Vintyri Project and Jörðgarð will be active again.


Mark Oliva
The Vintyri Project


  • No apologies necessary. We all value our online community, but at this time we each need to focus on the needs of our local communities and do what we can with our resources and talents. Best wishes and prayers for Trevor's speedy and full recovery. Stay safe!

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