Increasing Sector Font Size

In the Sector Properties Menu you can pick a font for your map. I have done this using a true type font (Okuda) that works fine every where else I use it (Word, Powerpoint, and PDFs) but the script is very small in AS3. Anyone know if I can change that or should I just pick a different font?

thanks in advance for any assistance you can provide.


  • I should have pointed out that it's primarily the system and date/time alphanumerics on the main mapping display that I've rendered illegible with my choice.

  • You'll probably need a different font as the size is not configurable. I tried with that font in a word processor and the font itself does render small compared to other fonts of the same size for some reason. I've seen that with a few other fonts in the past. Astro uses OpenGL for its 3D graphics, so converts fonts to images first before displaying. Because the font is rendering so small, it doesn't convert well to an image.

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