Nothing really fancy here, just some random cats. Includes both feral and domesticated cats, although the odds are very low for domesticated personality (e.g. peaceful, loveable) with feral traits (e.g. half-starved, gaunt) or vice versa.

a creepy dingy black and white cat
a swift weatherbeaten black cat
a scheming lame white cat
a precise and tidy velvety white cat
a formal elegant coal-black cat
an indignant and nasty big-eyed rusty cat
a tough and crazy old and slightly weatherbeaten sandy cat
an angry foul striped cat
a temperamental grown-up brown-black cat
a nocturnal long-haired orange-and-white cat
an angry and fierce gaunt black-and-yellow cat

By the way, this site is super useful if you suddenly decide you need three hundred descriptive words about a random thing:

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