FWE (latest)

When I try to start the program, this error appears: "The procedure entry point sqlite3_prepare_v2 could not be loaded in the dynamic link library C:\Program Files (x86)\nbos/fwe1.8\FractalWorldExplorer.exe". sqlite.dll exists in that directory. Help!!!!!


  • OK, I used dumpbin from VS2019 and retrieved the entry points. sqlite3_prepare_v2 is not listed but sqlite_prepare is. HELP!

  • The sqlite3dll that ships/installs with fwe1.8 is incorrect. I found another one on my disk that seems to work. Please correct the distribution of your end.

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    No, the shipped DLL is fine. Just tested everything on a blank Windows 10.

    I have seen very rare cases where some machines have problems loading some versions of the DLL for [insert esoteric Windows logic] reasons, and basically doing what you did and swapping in a different build of the dll did the trick. I think one case was a specific French build of Windows didn't like the DLL.

    If you had multiple NBOS products installed, let me know the order you installed them in in case that is the issue.

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