Fill Pattern Scale

How do I calculate the pixels per inch I need for a custom sized map?

I have a 5' grid, on a 620' wide by high map. The slider bar for fill pattern scale just isn't graduated enough for it to look right. There has to be some kind of math I can do and then resize the png to that scale but I'm drawing a blank on how to figure it right now.


  • You can probably scale the original file as needed. If you need 120% of the original size, scale up the pattern file (down in /patterns) to 120% of the size.

    If you do modify one of the standard patterns, I'd recommend doing it on a copy of the file, because otherwise your changes might get reverted during an update.

  • Thanks, Ed. The notification for this went to my spam folder, so sorry for the delay.

    I'm trying to avoid the trial and error approach. By your answer, I'm guessing the drawing canvas in FM's display isn't at any set value for amount of pixels in width and height? I'm guessing it would be based on monitor size and resolution, but I'm hoping for a different answer.

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    There is a pixel to size ratio, but its something relative to, and really only meaningful to, the internal graphics system, so wouldn't be of much use I don't think. Trial & error is probably the best approach here.

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