AstroSynthesis Web Viewer

Hi All,

I'll soon be rolling out a new feature to AstroSynthesis 3.0... the AstroSynthesis Web Viewer. It will let you share your 3d star maps with others who don't have a copy of AstroSynthesis.

Here's how it works:


  • Will this (in theory) allow Sector Maps to be viewed in The Keep via its built-in Web Browser? I would think so, right?

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  • No, probably not. The Keep uses an embedded IE11. Not sure if that supports WebGL.

    Changing The Keep to use Chromium is already on the todo list. In fact, it was originally tried during development, but there were some integration issues.

  • OK, good to know. It'll be great to have AS maps viewable in The Keep, even if it could be a workaround.

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  • Is the map URL static? In other words, if I have a sector that is a work in progress and I make changes/additions, do I just upload that with the same name and the URL will then reflect the changes? Or is each upload going to generate a new URL?

  • @Flyteach Yes, its static. You have the option to use the same viewer URL, or create a new one when you do the upload.

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