Jörðgarð Map Resurrection

The Easter weeks seems to be a good time for a resurrection. So, we're resurrecting the Jörðgarð maps.

When we departed upon Christmas vacation in December, we intended to be back in January. However, as I've mentioned in earlier postings, we're a three-man team. One of our members contracted Corona Covid19 about a year ago. The virus infection is long past, but there were some secondary effects that still were healing last year, and they in turn led to their own secondary effects which have impaired the use of his hands to a certain extent, so that he cannot type or steer a mouse well. He's in physical therapy. Both his doctor and his therapist believe the full use of the hands will be restored by summer. But that's down the road yet.

Maps are only a part of our project. We've been running for a year now on 2/3 our normal strength, and as a result, other project priorities have kept us from turning out maps at our old rate, but we're back again for a while now. In addition to mapping our adventures, we also have to write them, and we need a substantial new symbol set for the next segment of our current adventure. This mapping symbol set will, of course, will be available free to FM8 or FM9 users.

So ... maps will keep coming, but there also will be weeks when none are available. As a result, we're not going to call these releases "Maps of the Week" anymore but rather, simply, "Jörðgarð Maps."

Mark Oliva
The Vintyri (TM) Project


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