I'm kinda confused with the 'Use' thingy.

Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong here? I based it off the other Use thingies listed so I don't know what I am doing wrong.


  • Looks fine to me, but I don't have the files you are referencing except nbos\Animals.ipt. I did delete all the other stuff to ensure I could get results from the tables in Animals.ipt, and that worked just fine.

    Make sure your generators are in the correct location. So for example you should have \InspirationPadPro3\Common\nbos\Animals.ipt, InspirationPadPro3\Common\nbos\KHR\Professions.ipt, etc.

    Personally, I put my files in \InspirationPadPro3\Common\mine\ to distinguish them from the nbos ones that comes with IPP. But that's just personal preference. (It probably would have been better to use my initials or something like that.) The Use lines need to have the correct path, matching where you have put them.

    When in doubt, simplify. Create a simple .ipt file to test exactly one thing at a time. Then build up until a problem appears.

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