Talking Theory for Alchemy Shop Inventory gen

I've been thinking about making a gen for a shop/person's inventory based of the Alchemy Foraging gen.

Prompts (Per List: 1st=shop, 2nd = person)
~Most-Available/Highest Rank Reagents
~Amounts of the Reagent (Both)
~Shop Popularity/Work Effort (#/10)
~Hours Open/Working

Shop Part
~I'm pretty sure that they might have all kinds of ingredients, so their highest ranked is going to be the most available reagents. These typically have twice more of the common compared to uncommon and so on so forth with each progressing ran.
~The reagent might have lots or little and typically effects how much potions can be brewed.
~Shop popularity might increase the amount of goods in addition to how much they cost. This one will have negative numbers as well.
~Hours the shop is open is about the same as hours working. They also determine how many supplies there are.

Person part
~I'll have to base this off of their highest alchemy ingredients in rank that has been found/harvested/bought. Some supplies can't be bought due to the popularity of the shop
~The highest ranked reagents and the number of them decide how many of each potion rank there is.
~Work Effort decides how much dedication is put into the work to decide a multiplier for how many ingredients is found.
~Hours Working decides a multiplier for how many potions they have on them.

Does anyone else have any suggestions?

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