The Wall of Ice

So I got Diablo's sprites and I converted them to be used with NBOS. I tried to recreate the Ice-Wall from GRRM's Game of Thrones, but I didn't have exact graphics.

How I made this map. After selecting and saving each tile to .bmp, I entered in the text and I created a base-map of snow off of the Act V, Siege Sprite-sheet then I added the wall. The Ice Wall seems to be a trench, so I created it as best I could.

Technical-note: when I created the base, I used pink for the background-map so I know what I have to cover with a snow-tile. You can see some pink where I missed. Next time I create a base, I'm going to remember to turn the map color to whatever is the dominate-color of the map afterwards, to avoid this.



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