Nested Orbits

Hello, all -

No, I don't mean simple orbits around stars. What I'm wondering is, will AS provide a means to have an object orbit the center of another orbiting pair?

For example, Alpha Centauri has two components; A and B. However, that combination has its own child, Proxima Centauri. Proxima orbits both A and B.

Currently, using Wiki data, I have the orbital specifications for the orbit of B around A, and I have the orbital specifications of Proxima around AB. In the past, I've simply added in Proxima as its own system, independent of Alpha Centauri AB, and this has worked well enough. But, in doing some updates, since Proxima does orbit both, I'd like to make it a child of AB, rather than its own, separate, entity.

I have noticed a way to do this in AS, so I wondered if this might be something to include in a future release.


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