Need help with math for Gamer Fic.


prompt 1 is the level
delta2 is equal to {1d3}
both Vit and Str are equal to {1d6+2}
Minimum is 1, so that is added at the end.


  • If you're trying to write a formula, it looks like you're using { and } when you should be using normal parenthesis.

    Please describe the calculation you are trying to achieve.

  • 1 Multiplying: {prompt1 X delta2}
    2 Multiplying and adding: {{Vit X Str } +1}
    Multiply both 1 and 2 by each other.

    In Purity = 5 is better than 50.
    in Mana = and Stamina 100 is better than 5.

    Prompt: Level/HD {} 1
    Prompt: Purity {5|10|20|25|30|40|50} 25
    Prompt: Mana {5|10|15|20|25|30|35|40|45|50|55|60|65|70|75|80|85|90|95|100} 50
    Prompt: Stamina {5|10|15|20|25|30|35|40|45|50|55|60|65|70|75|80|85|90|95|100} 50

    SET: BETA={1d6+2}
    SET: ALPHA={1d6+2}
    set: STR={1d6+2}
    set: STM={1d6+2}
    SET: HE={1D6+2}
    set: AGL={1d6+2}
    set: PER={1d6+2}
    set: AFF={1d6+2}
    set: WIL={1d6+2}
    set: INT={1d6+2}
    Set: delta1={1d3}
    Set: delta2={1d3}
    Table: primary
    Character Stats\n&
    Level {$prompt1}\n&
    Magic Capacity (MP total) {INT} || Magic Attunement (MP regeneration) {WIL}\n&
    Affability {AFF} || Perception {PER}\n&
    Agility {AGL} || Hand/Eye Cordination {HE}\n&
    Strength {STR} || Stamina {VIT}\n&
    Mana {$prompt3} (Magical Potential) || Stamina {prompt4} (Health Potential) || Purity {$prompt2}\n&
    Chakra/Magic {{{{{$prompt1}{$prompt3}}{{INT}+{WIL}}}3}/{$prompt2}} || Health {{{{{$prompt1}{$prompt4}}{{VIT}+{STR}+{$prompt1}}}/{$prompt2}}3}\n&
    MP Regen {{{$Prompt1}{delta1}}{{INT}/{WIL}+1}} || HP Regen {{{{$Prompt1}{delta2}}{{VIT}/{STR}}}+1}

  • I just realized VIT is supposed to be STM

  • You're over-complicating things. This multiplies prompt1 by 2, and adds prompt 2.

    Prompt: Some Number {}
    Prompt: Some Other Number {} 
    Table: Prompt Test
    {(prompt1 * 2) + prompt2}

    Note that braces and parenthesis are not the same thing. Use braces to separate the expression from the rest of the table, and use parenthesis to control order of operation in an expression.

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