Vintyri Cartographic Collection 3.0 Released

I won't bore you with details, just say that an accumulation of things among our three members like illness, injury and an unplanned temporary business tour to Thailand caused us to make our annual two-month summer pause into a four-month affair. We've been back at work since November, and starting today we'll be regularly releasing the results of that work.

Earlier this morning, we released Jörðgarð Map No. 486. With that, we will be releasing our Jörðgarð Maps regularly again. But with this message we're announcing a somewhat bigger item. Version 3.0 of the Vintyri Cartograhic Collection now is available for free downloading. It may be used for personal and commercial use free. What is it?

The Vintyri Cartographic Collection Version 2.0 has been around for several years. It's a large collections of mapping symbol and fill patterns designed mostly for making town and village maps as well as providing a sizeable collection of fill patterns for overland maps.

In our current RPG adventure, "Trailsend," the PCs need to do winter travel in the north and they also will be going into abandoned towns that are in a state of ruin. Unfortunately, the number of winter and ruin mapping objects that we've been able to find elsewhere are very limited, and most are incompatible with our mapping style.

Thus, we were forced to make our own objects, resulting in version No. 3 of the cartographic collection. Its emphasis is on mapping objects for ruins and for winter adventures. One could define its scope as:

Normal buildings and ruins with snow on the roofs
Fill patterns for winter landscapes
Fill patterns for making ruin symbols
Other tools for making ruin symbols

The ruin symbols are available with clear roofs, mossy roofs and snow-covered roofs.

The attached graphic from the cover of the new installation guide shows a few of the things that the new version makes possible.

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