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Is there a search term that will filter for distance? For example, "Root only, distance < 101" won't give me all stars within 100 ly. Is there any search term or filter that will?


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    To search for all systems within 10 light years that have a hospitable planet, you'd do something like:

    Systems with, Hospitable, Within 10

    "Systems with" returns only the root system
    "Within 10" only looks at systems within 10ly of any selected systems.

    When you're using 'distance', that's strictly for orbital distance of a planet. "Root only" only searches the root body, which wouldn't have an orbital distance.

  • "Within 10" was what I was looking for, thanks.

    So if I want all G2V stars within 100 ly, "Root only, spectral like "G2V", within 100" will return that, right?

  • 'root only' searches only the root body, so it wouldn't search multiple star systems. You'd want 'systems with'. That will search everything, finding the matches, and return only the system root body.

  • Good point. Thanks.

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