Restricted characters or terms

I'm wondering if there are certain terms or characters that cause the program to do unexpected things. The obvious one is if you put \ in by accident, it reads everything after it as something to print out, but I've also come across problems if a table starts with the word wild... as in wilderness. It seems to want to just skip those tables.

Are there other problematic words or symbols? I'm especially concerned about the ' symbol. I don't know why. I can't find reference to it anywhere, but it seems to complicate results.


  • I know anything with [w can be an issue, it seems to get caught as [when] which prevents whatever it's supposed to do.

    We also discussed that dashes in dictionary keys are problems. And any line starting with 10 or fewer characters followed by a colon is treated as a dictionary key whether you intended it or not.

    Some of these are discussed in and other issues might be useful to note there as well.

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