Too Many Assets, Not Enough Folders

I've been using Fractal Mapper for a long time but my repository of mapping assets has grown a lot since I got started. My main issue is that the folder hierarchy within Fractal Mapper only has the option to go 2 levels deep and any further subfolders just get cut out (so I could have SciFi Objects -> Chairs but I can't do SciFi Maps -> SciFi Objects -> Chairs -> Starship Pilot Seats or something like that). As it currently stands, I either need to have a ton of folders without making much use of subfolders or I have an obnoxious amount of objects within each folder, whereas other programs like MapTool (which is a great VTT but not really the best option for map making) can have as many subfolders as you need to effectively organize things because it has a file explorer type menu when browsing map assets.

Has anyone found a workaround for having too many subfolders on Fractal Mapper or could this be something that gets improved on with the next version?


  • This is a design issue - I specifically avoid nested folders like that. Its much easier and quicker to scroll through a list of 100 symbols looking for the one you want, rather than having to hunt through dozens of different folders.

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    Yeah but if the capability was there, the user could organize it however works best for them. If you prefer a hundred map assets in a folder, you can do that, but if you prefer 4 layers of subfolders with 10 assets in each one, you could do that too.

    I think you might be underestimating how many assets I'm talking about when you say it's easier to scroll through the list of symbols than to use more layers of folders. My mapping folder is about 30gb. It is definitely not easier to just have massive lists of symbols to scroll through.

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