Is Skwyre still in development?

I would love to use it, and I am willing to pay for it, but, it is missing many things a modern VTT requires.


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    The skwyre server is still running and I plan on keeping it running because there's a number of games currently using it. But the current client applications I don't think will be updated (much). Instead my intent is to rewrite the clients completely. The existing clients use web based technologies (ie, Electron), and I'd like to make them native apps like FM and Astro. (It used Electron originally because at the time Delphi couldn't target Linux, but now it can).

    That said, Skwyre was never intended to be an immersive type of VTT. The goal was to simulate a typical at-table gaming grid mat (down to the dry erase marker colors). Especially since Skwyre's purpose was as much for at-table gaming as online gaming. So some of the things you'd see in some VTT's like per-character lighting probably would not be implemented.

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