CSD 2, Copying, Cutting and Pasting Script

So far, I'm really liking CSD v2. I especially like the object selector on the left side.

But, something I really - I mean, REALLY - don't like is that copying, cutting and pasting is missing from the Script page. I've tried the Edit menu, Ctrl-C/-X/-V, and R-clicking for a context menu - but, no context menu comes up - and no dice.

I use Visual Studio Code to write my scripts. It has nice editing tools and display formatting and is easy to work with. Then, once I have a script ready, I just copy it out of VS Code and paste it to CSD.

This worked fine with CSD 1, but not with CSD 2.

I know CSD has been dropped, but is there any chance that the ability to Copy, Cut and Paste will be brought back? I have some very large scripts to handle and it'd be a pain to retype them...

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