Commas in Data Tables

Data tables are a nice feature. They have let me get rid of several functions that were huge switch statements.

So, when a text line in the table has a comma as part of the line, I put quotes around the text line, so that the program doesn't think it's an extra column in the table. That works fine, but, when that line is called by Lookup, the line of text is retrieved, but without the comma, even though the line is in quotes.

For example, if the data line in the csv file is;

"This is a test, a really important test."

The Lookup function displays;

This is a test a really important test.

Is this something that might get fixed, or is it just the way it is?


  • Not likely to get fixed, I'm afraid. The Character Sheet Designer is no longer an active product. Someday I hope to re-use parts of it in other projects.

  • Oh, well, doesn't hurt to ask.

    This is such a nice tool and I'm not aware of any other tool like it.

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