Adding Megastructures to an asteroid belt...

In my background, most systems have their population living in O'Neil Cylinders, as these are easier to establish and maintain than trying to build a colony on an alien world. There is no terraforming technology. It would be easiest to build these in the asteroid belts, where most of the construction material would be coming from. Some might be moved to different orbits after construction, depending on intended use. Is there a way to add a megastructure to an existing asteroid belt without having to manually duplicate all the orbital data?


  • You can add it under the asteroid belt, but you wouldn't get the actual orbital position info. So its best to add them at the same orbit as the asteroid belt, and that would require copying a few of the orbital values.

  • Nice to see you are still around Ed. Haven't talked to you in a long time.

  • Given this level of manual work, I think that I will be developing fewer systems. :-)

  • Could we just add it to an orbit just inside of an asteroid belt?

  • Sorry I didn't see this until now. You can add it under an asteroid belt, but the orbit would be undefined. If you want it orbiting around a star you need to add it under the star at the same distance as the asteroid belt.

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