How to change the default font for hyperlinks?

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I'm not a fan of the default color, font size, and type used by The Keep for hyperlinks. Is there any way to change the default font settings for hyperlinks?

IMO - It would be nice to have this available as an option through the GUI in a future release.

Thanks all!


  • There's no way to change the default color of the links, though they can be changed like other text after the link is added. The default font name and size used by the text editor can be set in the program preferences windows.
  • Thanks for the response Ed. I wish that wasn't the case as I am a heavy user of The Keep and would love the ability to customize it further to my taste. That said, it is still the most important tool that I have for organizing my games with and it is a great product. :)
  • Well, I can add it to a to-do list for either a new build or the next release. I dont imagine it'd be that difficult to make something that lets you select the default link color.
  • The ability to customize the style settings per page would be great, especially if the settings would be inherited by child pages. I could see myself using The Keep as a sort of campaign web site design tool where I customize a child section and then export it as HTML.
  • Sorry to bring up a dead thread but I had a thought. I was looking through the file structure of The Keep and could you change the default hyperlink color setting by adding the appropriate CSS entries to the C:\Program Files\nbos\TheKeep\HTMLTemplates\Default\base.html file? This would likely be an all or nothing setting, but I admit I'd much prefer the hyperlinks be the "standard" blue as opposed to the green they default to.
  • Thats for the html export, and wouldnt affect the word processor inside the keep, which is what I believe VVGM is referring to.

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