stars and planets

Each type of star would have its own zones of hot zone, ecosphere zone, and cold zone. Is there any table that shows where the ecosphere zone of a given star is. I do not want to create an Earth type planet ignoring that it is either too close or too far away from the star to exist as an Earth type planet. I know that for the Sol star system the ecopshere zone is at least 1 AU but as to how precise that is, I mean how far would the Earth have to move either towards or away from the Sun before it is no longer in the ecosphere zone. The ecopsphere zone may also bee called the goldilocks zone or the biozone.


  • In the object properties for planets, there's an Equilibrium temperature displayed. That's the surface temperature taking only the solar input at the current distance and planetary albedo into consideration (ie, without atmosphere). That can give you an idea of what a reasonable temperature would be at that distance when adding planets. An Earthlike atmosphere would add 5-20 deg to the surface temperature, depending on various factors.

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