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None of my I.P. tables show up on the default Inspiration Pad Generators folder. I can add them separately and they work fine. All the nbos software is installed in their default directories and I am running Win XP. Any idea why the tables are not showing up where they should? I guess it is not a big deal now that I loaded them manually, but it would waste less space on the tree if I could just have them under the default folder. If I can't get it to work correctly, can I delete the nspiration Pad Generators folder?


  • Did you run the actual ipad installer or copy the files into their directories? If the generators arent showing up, I'm thinking the registry key that tells the keep where ipad is located isnt there.
  • Doh! I've been in I.T. for over 16 years and I missed the simple solution. I just looked and indeed, Inspiration Pad is not in the registry. I didn't think to check that before. Must have been when I restored my system earlier this year. I'll bet this will be a solution for some of my other "buggy" software as well.

    Thanks Ed !!
  • I'm having a similar problem, but my IP Pro is registered in the registry.

    I installed The Keep into a flash drive, and I'm wondering if perhaps Keep requires that it be installed to the same directory as IP in order to find the files.

    If so, is there a way to tell The Keep to search for IP tables?

    Or, do I need to install The Keep only to the same directory as IP?


    Doing a search with regedit, I see that The Keep isn't in HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\NBOS Software. Is there perhaps an issue when installing to a flash drive and not the root directory?

    I'll keep plugging and see what I come up with...
  • OK, never mind about my problem. I uninstalled and reinstalled IP and Keep and now it works.

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