Introducing Edison and his newbie questions

Hi, im Diego from Italy, I purchased the IP this morning, and I find it fantastic.
My problem is twofold:

first, I can't obtain any positive result from the Random Treasure (CR1-30). Every line gives me a "missing" result.

Second, what king of language is this? I'm not a programmer, so I asked myself if I could learn the basics of it. The crash course in the help menu is not enough. For example, there are these <br>, <ul>, <li> things that I don't understand.

If I could "master" the basic codes, this would become my main tool for dungeon keeping.

Last thing: I cannot add .ipt files to the common directory, nor edit existing ones until save them elsewhere. This may be a problem with my PC.

Thanks a lot!!

EDIT: I know, I know!!

HTML codes...

I found them :D


  • Ok, ok. Autoreply.

    My apologies, but with a thorough search I was able to fix my problems, save the last doubt about accessibility of the common files.

    Still, if there's some source to study to become a better user, I'd like to know.

    Thanks again
  • For formal documentation, there' just what ships with the program. You can though take a look at the generators that ship with the program for examples, as well as the ones found at (the 'random generators' button at the top of this site)

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