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NBOS pretty much owns my game. I use the keep and CSDesigner for my custom game but have been running into one problem....

When I update an installed sheet, alot of the time when i get back into the keep, the text labels are all messed up. And i then have to rework all the sheets just to do another update and go through it all again.

And it's not all sheets. sometimes its a few sometime's it's all but one.

So anyone else have this problem? or is it just me? it's an annoying bug i think.


  • So anyone else have this problem or have a way around it??
  • Some more information would be helpful... what does 'text labels are all messed up' mean? Are they showing up in the wrong font? Wrong place? Do they show up normally after restarting the program and going back to the character sheet? Can you provide specific steps that recreate the problem?
  • Defining "Text labels are all messed up": If in the character sheet designer, i design a label to say "Strength" and save it. I use the sheet inside the keep to do some characters. I then decide, "I need to have something on the sheet to track their gold," or something to that effect. I go back to the CSDesigner and add the new field and save it. I go back into the keep and some (or sometime's all) the sheets will have RANDOM fields that were already there, be reading something either completly random (had a field that said Upkeep for a ship read 2) or read something else on the sheet (had a field that said "experience:" turn to a field that instead read "Damage:_______" that I had used elsewhere in the sheet) so now my "Strength" text label doesn't read "Strength" anymore and the only way to correct it is to redo the sheet. Using this for a LARP with 15 players and loads of data on those can see where it gets annoying.

    As far as recreation, the only thing i can figure is what I just outlined.

    The only thing I am noticing but dunno if it makes any difference, is the difference between opening the sheet from the open menu, or "edit installed sheet" and how to save it exactly. It seems like it makes no difference how I am going about opening and saving said sheet so recreation seems to be a problem and on top of that, it doesn't always happen.

    I am running keep and CSDesigner on vista home premium on a dual core laptop. I can get specific stats if you like.
  • Any news on this by chance?? I am currently holding off doing other updates to see what happens with this.

    thanks for the time and a great broduct btw :)
  • No, no news. There's not much I can do unless I can reproduce the problem, which I havent been able to do.
  • would sending a copy of my database help or anything of that sort??
  • Yes, please do. You can either upload it here, or email it to the support address (support2 at
  • Sorry....been away for awhile travelling.

    I have e-mailed my keep database. if you look at the Items Database>>Ships>>Stock Ships>>Small Craft>> Light figher and custom there are two ships with sheets. The scout surveyor has the proper sheet after an update. The light fighter however is what happened after doing said sheet update.

    not sure, but let me know if you need a PW for the database. Not sure if that exports with it.
  • I never received the db. The support address has a file size limit on might have been larger than that. You can send just the char sheet definition file (csd) and I'll add it to my database here.
  • sent one of the sheets I was having problems with. Let me know if ya need anything else.
  • Hey just checking in and seeing if there was any news on this. Never saw a reply here.

    As it stands, I can't do sheet updates without the possibility for having to redo a good sized handful of sheets
  • Unfortunately, I wasnt able to duplicate the problem. I could update sheets and make changes to their design without any problem.

    Do you have this installed as a 'desktop' installation, or a 'portable' one?

    Also, this is kind of a dumb question, but do you exit the keep before trying to update a sheet's definition?
  • Desktop and yes....i do log out of the keep before doing any updates.

    ...I really wish I knew how to explain it. And sadly, it DOESN'T happen every time. It is sporadic, but when it happens, it tends to be a pain updating character sheets as a result.

    I HAVE to do a sheet update soon...I'll let you know if it does i guess and if so, maybe post a few screens to show what changed. *shrug*

    Thanks for taking a look into it. Still a great product :) can't win 'em all though right?
  • Screen shots certainly wouldnt hurt. How they are getting messed up may give me a clue about where the problem might be.
  • I've noticed something along those lines, too- it seems to have something to do with adding a new text field which is auto-named and for some reason changes a text field elsewhere. So far I have found that copying a text box or data box instead of putting in a new one prevents that, as it automatically assigns a name that _isn't_ a conflict when you do that (If, for example, you want to do an Endurance label, instead of adding a new label and then naming it Endurance, copy the Strength label, which might then be autonamed STR1 (if the original was STR), and then rename it to Endurance (and change it from STR1 to END or whatever).

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