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Hi everyone. I'm trying to create elevation or relief areas in my battle maps and the bevel object tool looks like it might do the trick if I can adjust the limits for the bevel width. The default is that it bevels only the edge and I can adjust the width making the "edge" a little wider, but I would like to make the slider bevel all the way to the middle of objects. Is there a way to adjust how much of the object is beveled? Basically make the width slider have a greater range?

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  • I figured out how to make a plugin to do what I need. You have to be careful that your objects are large enough to handle the larger beveling, or the objects get their sides all blown out. The bevel distance is in pixels. The standard tool goes from 1 to 100 I think. I had to look up the commands in the goblinapi manual. There are 4 settings to configure but I only cared about the bevel width. Anyway here is the code I used.
    Just paste the code below into a text document and save it into your plugins directory with the extension .fmscript. For example, I named mine bevel200.fmscript. The lower the bevel width, the tighter the lines. So the default range is good for steep sided objects but if you want to give the impression of a more gradual slope, you need to make a plugin.

    #author			Berentain of Devlon
    #desc			Sets the bevel distance to 200
    #plugin			Bevel Distance 200
    oMap = GetCurrentMap()
    oMap.SetBevelSelected 5,200,270,50

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