How to contact NBOS?

Not sure where to contact Nbos - I looked around on the site but didn't see and contact info... hope this is a place to do that.

I'm working on a web site to provide tools to help DMs flesh out their world, especially with a lot of proprietary random generators and an architecture for building and managing content. I'd like to use the IPad syntax as a standard, and also provide tools to help DMs create & connect their tables. The site would eventually be 'for profit' (I assume minimal... whatever that would amount to). I would like to promote the use of Nbos & Ipad by facilitating the creation and sharing of Ipad tables, standardizing on the Ipad syntax, encouraging the use of Ipad for offline use and linking to Nbos site.

Is this something that Nbos would be interested in supporting?




  • Hi Craig,

    The email is support2 at Thre's actually a 'contact NBOS' entry on one of the menus on the home page.

    In general, you're welcome to use generators you (or your site visitors) create on your site and/or use the ipad syntax.

  • Thanks Ed. Of course I missed the link - doh! I did look, though!

    I sent an email off to that address with a bit more details - thanks for your consideration.

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