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Screenmonkey is crashing upon trying to play a WAV sound on my (the GM's) end. It brings up the Quicktime "Some applications are no longer... " blah blah blah, and I have reverted the file association for WAV to Windows Media Player but it still crashes. This is uber annoying. I literally have to uninstall Quicktime before using Screenmonkey every time. This is a pain.


  • The chat runs within an embedded browser window inside of SM. So you'll probably want to configure your browser to not use QT when playing audio. Specifically what you're looking for, I think, is a way to set the MIME type for the type of audio files you are using.
  • I'm having a different problem. When ever I use the /sound command, SM pauses momentarily then beeps at me & gives me a dialog box containing the following:

    "Plugin Error
    An error occurred inside a plug-in contained on this page.

    I have the following come across in chat both in the SM program and the browser window of the player.

    "TheGM sends sound : arrow"

    The name of the file I'm trying to send is arrow.wav. Help!

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