Pray for Dawn Module (RPG Competition) August 7 new crew

A survival/ horror campaign where your crew awakens in a very bad situation that tends to get worse with each passing minute. You and your crew must survive through one night within a place filled with nightmares. As you watch the swollen sun fade on the horizon you know you are in for one hell of a night.

Beginners are welcome to this 1st level campaign that I will run on Screenmonkey. All you need is a character ready which can be made from scratch or downloaded from the Arcanum Syndicate website. We will be playing Saturday, August 7th at about 9PM EST. I will run the crew through a quick 15 minute training segment if you are new to screenmonkey. Just have a character ready and take the MTU link in the Chaos 6010 A.D. forums to play. There are downloadable chapters from the rulebook for character creation here You may also register on the site to chat in the forums with other players and meet your crew.

The RPG competition will be held during the game sessions. You are awarded experience points for character background creativity, in-game roleplaying, and combat efficiency. At the end of the campaign the winner will gain a free Chaos 6010 A.D. rulebook, and the first module "Pray for Dawn" in pdf format so that you can run the game for your own crew. It's a 130 page module that can be played several times with many different outcomes depending on which house the crew runs to for shelter for the night. A different horror story awaits down each street and every house is detailed with maps and descriptions for new game masters to read to their players. This game is intended for mature players. It does tend to get a bit graffic and dirty at times. Fun for the whole family Hope to see you there.

(Writer and artist for Arcanum Syndicate)
Cover art: Adam Schmidt

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