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Hi everyone,

I remember buying PC-GP way back at GenCon, probably back in the early to mid 80's (yes, I have been an NBOS software fan for a LONG time now) and that little program had a feature that I remember making great use of, that of being able to drag and drop money and equipment between characters. I even created the group's "warehouse" as a character so that we could drag and drop items to and from it. This was a great feature and I am wondering if you had considered building something like this into The Keep.

Later - Steve


  • lol, yes, for DOS program, PC-GP was pretty darn cool. It even later supported that new fangled device called a mouse :-) It was actually more like '92 or '93. I remember you visiting the booth!

    I do know exactly what you are talking about. Its been something I've been dwelling on as a possible enhancement. The Keep has a slightly different purpose than PC-GP did, being geared more towards notes, but I would love to get that ability to transfer quanties from one character to another into it somehow.

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