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Hello everyone,

I've bought the keep, use it for my current shadowrun camapign and i am quite pleased with the software.

The only thing that bothers me is that you cannot use keyboard shortcuts in many sections of the keep.

Could it be possible to add shortcuts for the next version of the software ?



  • They certain can be added - specifically which ones?
  • Thanks,

    I would propose the following shortcuts :

    When a tree node is selected and the focus is on the tree view (ctrl could be replaced with another key):
    The delete key to delete the node.
    ctrl+up to move the node up
    ctrl+down to move the node down
    F2 to rename the node
    ctrl+C to copy a node
    ctrl+V to paste a node
    ctrl+P to print a node

    When the focus is in a text window entry :
    ctrl+B : to turn the selection in bold
    ctrl+I : to turn the selection in italic
    ctrl+U : to turn the selection in underlined
    ctrl+P : to print the current text

  • Since I had a planned update to the Keep coming this week, I went ahead and added some shortcuts. The bold, italic, and underline shortcuts in the word processor, and printing, move up/down, rename in the folders. The copy/paste ended up being tricky, so Ieft those out for the time being.
  • Very Nice !
    Thank you very much.

    When can we hope to see the new version ?

  • If you'd like to test it, you can get it now
  • i've tested the new version and it rocks !

    thank you so much


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