Prompting list bug

I'm wondering if anyone has ever run into this particular problem before:

When using the "Prompt" command, I am encountering a situation, using the code listed here
Prompt: Choose your item class {Components|Fumes|Snuff|Poisons|Drugs|Powders}

The situation is that the prompt list will appear in the program, but the last prompt entry is followed by a "}" symbol. In this case, the prompt screen would show the following entries


I've checked to see if there are any unusual brackets out of place but there are not. The code was copied via cut & paste from another program that works properly and has no issues. I thought it might be the cut & paste, so I deleted the entire set of lines and manually re-keyed them - nothing.

Naturally, when you select the final entry, it doesn't find the appropriate database function because it's expecting to find "Powders" and not "Powders}".

Lastly, I've found I cannot add the word "Random" to the listing - I've used it before as a default value to select from and in other generators it works fine - but here as soon as I click on the generator, the program dies and shuts down.

Any help would be appreciated.

The specific code for the entire generator is included as follows: the prompt has been modified with a work-around so that I can use it in the interim.
# Palladium Equipment Generator
# This material is Open Game Content, and is licensed for public use under the terms of the Open Game License v1.0a.


Header: Equipment Generator, selected by user for specific items
Footer: <br>This material is Open Game Content, and is licensed for public use under the terms of the Open Game License v1.0a.

Prompt: Choose your item class {Components|Fumes|Snuff|Poisons|Drugs|Powders|No Choice}

Table: SelectItem
Set: RegularItemsValue=0
Set: MagicItemsValue=0

Table: Components
Component item [@MagicComponents&;#93; worth {$MagicItemValue}

Table: Fumes
Fumes item [@MagicFumes&;#93; worth {$MagicItemValue}

Table: Snuff
Snuff item [@MagicSnuff&;#93; worth {$MagicItemValue}

Table: Poisons
Poison or Toxin [@PoisonandToxin&;#93; worth {$MagicItemValue}

Table: Drugs
Drug item [@Drugs&;#93; worth {$RegularItemValue}

Table: Powders
Magic Powder [@MagicPowders&;#93; worth {$MagicItemValue}

Have a good day.


  • Add a default value for the drop-down after the list of entries:
    Prompt: Choose your item class {Components|Fumes|Snuff|Poisons|Drugs|Powders|No Choice} Components

    You cant use 'Random' as a default because its not one of the items in the list. Random isnt a keyword... it must have been one of the options in the other table, thats why it worked there.
  • In this example, I'm aware that Random is not a default keyword - it' s not included the code listing because this is the code example that actually works for me, albeit not completely because of the strange extra bracket that keeps appearing on the end. When I included the word Random in the prompt list, I also had an extra "when" statement in the code to intercept the Random statement and run a separate table search. As previously indicated, I've run this command before and it works fine. I took the actual example from the SRD treasure table generation example, which uses the CR1-30 prompt option. Works fine there, works in two other tables I've built, just not this one.
  • It has something to do with not having a default item, having a table call to generate a default should work

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