What would you like to see in IPP

I'd like to see arrays (two-dimensional would be fine) and a look-up table that isn't number dependent, and the ability to add modifiers to tables that don't specify a die type

I'd like to be able to do something like this:

Prompt: {Fast|Normal|Slow}Normal

Set: encChance = [!{Prompt1, 1} Encounter1]
Set: encounter = [@Encounter2]

Table: Main
You travel [!{$prompt1, 2} Encounter1] miles and have {$encounter} encounters: [@{$encounter} Encounter2}

Table: Encounter1
Type: Pick Array
// Right now, you'd have to create three tables with the names the same as the prompt so you can call
// Set: index= [@{$Prompt1)]
// Then create two more tables that would be called like this [!{$index} EncMod] and [!{$index} EncMile]
// Not a big deal for 3 choices,
// but what if you have 10 or more?
// or need to assign 10 or more values based on the prompt
Fast| +25| 7
Normal| 0| 4
Slow| -20| 2

Table: Encounter2
Type: Weighted
Roll: +{$encChance}%
// This could be done as a 'Roll: 1d15+{!{$encChance}/100*15}'
// But what happens when you add an entry?
// Or just add a set number?
// Right now you have to use the Lookup type
8: None
4: 1
2: 2

The Pick Type would allow me to use a single table instead of three or more tables


  • Just ran into the 4 prompt limit,
    so, more then 4 prompts, maybe the ability to rename the prompts (instead of prompt1, prompt2, etc)
    I'd rather see another panel, or maybe a strip along the top or bottom then be limited to 4 prompts.

    Due to the complexity of the generator I am working on, I'm going to have to move it over to excel and code some VB, so that I can do what I want.
  • Boolean operators, especially for [when] blocks
  • A debugger. Maybe just something that shows exactly which steps were taken to generate the chosen result.

    If nothing else, it could narrow down possible causes for the dreaded (missing) result.
  • All sort of related for the purposes I want to use IPP for

    Dynamic Tables that you could add to.
    Recursion doesn't seem to work.
    Lists and List Manipulation Functions
    For Item in Items structures
    Sequences (i.e. lists that when you generate from run each line rather than selecting one)


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