open sourcing inspiration pad?


I'd love to see an open source version of inspiration pad, do you think it'd be possible one day?


  • Are you asking if NBOS will release their source or whether someone is (or is thinking about) working on an open source version?
  • I'd be interested in NBOS releasing the source as I'd like to see it converted it to a mobile platform (Android or iPhone).
    I don't wish to volunteer for this project until i knew more about how and what it was written in.

  • All our products are written using Delphi. So even if open sourced, thats not going to help much with iOS or android. It'd still probably end up being a complete rewrite in either ObjectiveC or Java.
  • it would probably worth rewrite it to javascript then, so it'd be accessible everywhere...
  • I've seen the cgi tool is no longer available into Inspiration Pad 3. Does it mean it's deprecated? I don't know if it's written in Pascal/Delphi as well, but NBOS could consider publishing the sources (eventually on google code or github), so more people would enjoy using it, and maintain it.

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