FEATURE REQUEST: Able to use external DB.

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I would like to suggest and see feedback on having remote/external Database's.

I run a LARP that is getting ready to take on 2 more games. I have been using the Keep to GREAT success. But with the advent of the other game's comming into the fold, the ST's of the other games are going to want/need access to files from my campaign and vice versa. Currently the only option is a bunch of importing/exporting and hoping no one breaks anything. I think it would be a great Idea to be able to store data on a web-server and be able to pull from and post to that on the fly.

Any reason something like this can't be done?


  • PyroTech03 wrote:
    Any reason something like this can't be done?

    The Keep is coded with the idea of swappable database interfaces, so yes, it could be done. Using remote databases does, though, start shifting the nature of the application away from consumer level software into more 'enterprisey' software. You start getting into things like configuring databases and getting the tables set up, security, and network configuration. But yes, the idea of remote storage has always been a possibility.

    Have you considered using something like dropbox? You can put the database in a shared folder so that multiple people can access it by pointing the keep at their dropbox folder on their computer. There might be some concurrency isssues - two people cant make changes at once - but otherwise it'd let you do what you are trying to do.
  • Hmm....how do you go about pointing the keep at a seperate folder for the DB to be able to use Drop Box??
  • There's a thread a couple threads down here in the Keep forum about it. To actually specify the path to the dropbox folder, see the custom database paths topic under 'advanced' in the help file for an example and info about how that works. I set things up so that I have multiple shortcuts on my desktop, each launching different databases.
  • I posted an email in this forum a while ago and there is a post on my blog about setting it up. Here is a link. http://usandacat.com/thelair/?p=227 It works REALLY great for what I am trying to do. :)

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